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What if you worked at a company where you were bound to do the same tasks day in and day out with no room for creativity? Wouldn’t that make you feel trapped? Creativity at the workplace is an essential element for every individual to progress. Humans are not robots who can simply work from nine to six  in a monotonous routine, there is need for new ideas and new events.

What distinguishes one organization from another is its ability to give employees the freedom to be creative and as they say; ‘think out of the box!.’  Corporate giants often structure their workplace policies in a manner that allow employees to follow their passions. Such practices help companies make major break-throughs that create history just like the idea of post-its by 3M.  Do you want to create history through demonstrating creativity? Here are some tricks of the trade:

·         Communicate and interact: Everyone needs an outlet to voice out their ideas and opinions. Creativity requires communication and interaction with people without having the fear of rejection.

·         Allocate time to be creative: At times, all you need is some alone time to sit and think about something. As soon as you allocate time to be creative, you will automatically feel your creative juices flowing and you will begin doodling your ideas.

·         Avoid negative thoughts: The minute you start to feel something negative, stop yourself! There is no such thing as a bad idea. The key is to develop an idea and refine it to get to your desired goal.

·         Ask for feedback: Share your ideas with your management, peers and friends and ask them for constructive feedback. Remember, they might notice something that you may have overlooked.

·         Surround yourself with creativity: For some people, inspiration comes from the surroundings. You may start off by decorating your workstation, reading an interesting fact first thing in the morning and the like to get the ball rolling.

·         Practice, Practice, Practice: Always keep in mind that creativity is not unattainable. It is mere imagination of a strong mind that can only be attained through practice.

It is time to put your thinking caps on and develop new ways to boost creativity at your workplace. How do you boost your creativity on an everyday basis?

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  1. avatar Syed Ahsan ahmed says:

    Although I have never been in an ideal environment as described above, still I believe that work satisfaction is only achieved when you are creative, and are supported by your management to think out of the box, enhance conventions and try new things. People working in Mobilink in my network always describe their experience as of top rated organization. I always hope to be a part of such work environment.

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