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Imagine for one second that you are a devoted fan of the television program, Master Chef Australia. It’s the finale and you are expecting both finalists to come up with an intricate platter, exquisitely decorated and delicious at the same time. However, both finalists end up making a plain looking dish merely stuffed on a plate and lacking aesthetics. On a scale of one to ten, the chances that the judges would fail both of them would probably be eleven out of ten! Simple reason, creativity and innovation is ‘the’ key ingredient in developing a dish that will win the challenge.

Coincidentally, creativity & innovation are also the primary requirements of every organization in today’s day and age. Regardless of how the company becomes creative & innovative and promotes these as key factors in its culture, it is essential that it does so in order to gain a competitive advantage. Encouraging creativity affects the organization in multiple ways.


Motivate Employees, Encourage Creativity:

A study conducted by Professor Erik Knudsen (University of Salford) shows that the more employees are allowed to be creative at work the more motivated they actually are. A creative attitude helps bring about innovation, much like the 20% time practice at Google. All employees are encouraged to spend 20% of their work day on side projects, to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity. This practice has proved successful as it has resulted in many innovative features like Google News.


Creative Work Environment:

Stress and depression hinder productivity and leave no room for creativity at the workplace. The only thing employees look forward to, is the end of the day. Encouraging a positive mood and an atmosphere where ideas are shared allows for a more open-minded approach towards work. Incorporating some fun element in daily routine helps make employees thinking flexible and leads the organization towards a creative approach.


Reward Creativity, Encourage Risk:

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, you can either reproach them ensuring that they never come forth with a creative idea again – or, you can appreciate their efforts allowing them to explore their mistakes to come up with creative alternatives. Organizations over stress the negative implications of a failure which only makes their employees afraid of taking innovative risks. Creativity requires that you take some risks, and all risks are accompanied by the possibility of failure. It is the acceptance of this possibility that is crucial for creativity. Share your last creative idea that changed the way you work!!




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4 Responses to LET’S GET CREATIVE!

  1. avatar salika says:

    mobilink careers it means that u people have gr8 environment for ur employees i wish to be a part of mobilink :)

  2. avatar Malaika says:

    Great article! I agree with you that the employees will be more creative when the management encourages such behavior. However, I think that people who are creative on their own don’t exactly need that encouragement. This is how their brains function and they don’t necessarily need anyone else’s approval to think creatively.

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