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Dress for Success

Professional attire and dressing is one of the most significant factors that impact your image as a professional. Just as certain elements matter in your resume, how you present yourself by dressing for success matters. Dressing too conservatively can easily …

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“How Professional Values & Ethics Can Impact Career Success”

A traditional children’s folktale tells of a wise man who labored to build his house on a large, flat rock, and a careless man who chose to build his on soft sand because it was easier. When the driving monsoon …

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“Workplace Values & Ethics”

Every workplace follows a set of values, which involve the right attitude, correct behavior, respect for colleagues, and open communication. Values & ethics like being honest, responsible, dependable and trustworthy are not only for the sake of good character development, …

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How Personal Ethics Affect Professional Ethics in the Workplace

Sarfraz, a data analyst for a major company is working on an important project when he realizes that some data is missing which his co-worker Javed has not sent him before leaving the office. As the two co-workers are friends, …

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“Stepping into professional life: Ethical Guide”

Albert Einstein said “I do not believe in immorality of the individual and I consider ethics to be an exclusively human concern with no superhuman authority behind it.” Keeping in mind the work environment these days, don’t these words ring …

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