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Monthly theme: Organizational Culture Organizational Culture and Values are amongst the few important elements that truly define an organization in the eyes of its external and internal stakeholders. The culture bears direct impact on the company’s most valuable asset that is the employees. Thus, continuous transformation and development in organizational culture tend to receive special attention from the management. At Mobilink, the organizational culture and values are specially taken care of to provide an environment based on Mobilink’s goals and vision. Here is what our expert Samar Qazi has to say on the organizational culture and values at Mobilink.

Samar Qazi is working as a Specialist in Mobilink’s Organizational Development & Talent Management Team. Her work experience includes employee engagement and culture development initiatives, including the launch of Mobilink Values and Behaviors.

1. Why did Mobilink transform its values and philosophy?

Mobilink rebranded its identity in June 2013 in order to remain competitive in the telecom industry by focusing on service excellence, product innovation, and the overall working environment. The new Mobilink brand signifies three core values, which provide the foundation of the new Mobilink Behaviors.

2. What are the values of Mobilink?

The three values are ‘Be Passionate’, ‘Be Professional’, and ‘Lead with Purpose’. These values are then further broken down into behaviors comprising the essential cultural elements.

3. Describe the behaviors Mobilink promotes within the employees.

Mobilink’s Behaviors promote self-confidence, passion, personal accountability and professional excellence. It uses intrinsic motivational factors to seek opportunities for innovation, delighting our customers and stakeholders, inspiring and enabling each other while constantly challenging one’s self to stay as the market leader.

4. Organizational values evolve over time. To what extent was the change in the company’s values natural/organic and to what extent was it a conscious effort?

The new values and their underlying behaviors have been mapped over our previous organizational values to ensure adaptability, while introducing a few complementary behaviors for further consistency and higher degree of employee engagement. Organization wide communication and awareness campaigns were planned for the launch of the new brand. We updated our performance management system with the new values and provided employees with a series of customized trainings, Mobilink Behaviors Reference Guide book, and e-learning module to help understand and implement the behaviors in our everyday work. There are different initiatives and forums we have planned to keep open communication with our employees and to provide them the required support. Thus, I would say that it was a conscious effort based on our need to evolve.

6. What is the role of Mobilink’s values in driving a high performance culture?

Mobilink’s Values and Behaviors are based on the Group Value Agenda. It is a result-driven approach and uses employee engagement concepts to ensure consistent and successful execution of our Group and organizational strategy through an enabling culture.

7. How do you motivate the employees to integrate the values into every routine and small task, as opposed to the bigger picture? Isn’t the translation of these values into small daily tasks more challenging?

As an introduction to the new behaviors, we are helping employees understand and integrate these values into everyday tasks by providing them with a scenario based e-module that takes them through examples they can relate to. Over time, line managers will become the source of information and encouragement for employees. Through leading by example and acknowledging others for upholding the desired behaviors, supervisors can help inculcate these behaviors into the day to day work.

8. What external factors were considered while implementing the change in organizational values?

The external factor we took into consideration is our dealing with customers, business partners and all external stakeholders.

9. What were the biggest hurdles in moving to the new organizational philosophy?

The biggest challenge was to communicate WHY the change was necessary. This requires internal communication with employees that not only uses formal means like trainings, policies, and reference guides etc but also uses more informal ways of communication to drive such initiatives successfully.

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