How to Improve Employee Recognition

In today’s world, employee satisfaction leads to overall business success! To achieve this, we witness enhanced business focus on catering to what Abraham Maslow defines as ‘esteem needs’ i.e. the need for appreciation of employees. Recognizing, praising and rewarding hard work is an essential aspect of ensuring employee satisfaction.


Question arises, how do we recognize employees and ensure that this recognition is meeting the objective of increasing employee morale, productivity and high focus on organization objectives. The following strategies could go a long way in improving employee recognition:


Specific: Don’t simply acknowledge a job well done, be specific and descriptive about the accomplished task.

Consistent: Recognition should be provided every time an employee delivers good performance.

Timely: Give recognition shortly after achievement of good performance. Impact is lowered with passage of time.

Genuine: Be sincere, incorporate the human touch and really mean what you say.

Balanced: The volume of praise given should match the effort and results produced.


If executed effectively, recognition contributes to increasing employee morale and also serves to improve their engagement and loyalty towards the business, motivating them to exhibit better performance.


Can you think of any other strategies that can improve employee recognition?

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