Journey of 25,000 fans

25,000 members! Addition of a milestone to the Mobilink Careers’ Facebook page! It would not have been possible without the members who contributed to and shared this platform. Behind the screen efforts deserve a mention here – the focus for developing useful content both for students and professionals has always been at the heart of all interventions.

Be it about highlighting the jazba career bridge platform whereby we conduct workshops at institutions all across Pakistan or the efforts to strengthen our summer internship program, the intent has always been to engage our audience through value adding information.

The Mobilink Careers’ team is driven to come up with new features to further engage our audience. We always look forward to your feedback on how to take the best out of all Mobilink Careers’ platforms.

Thank you for being a part of this family!

Celebrating 25,000 Members of Mobilink Careers' Family

Mobilink Careers’ Team!

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About Mobilink Careers

Mobilink Careers is a community where we work together to reshape lives. We aim to make a positive impact by providing a place for you to interact and discuss endless career possibilities. Together, we look to progress towards a brighter future!

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