Internship at Mobilink – A true learning experience

A commonly held notion in Pakistan is that an internship is a fancy name given to endless photocopying, scanning and filing; in short it is a non-value adding exercise every business graduate or those intending to complete a degree in business education have to undergo. But there is a twist in the story when it comes to Mobilink!


I had applied for an internship and was selected on merit for a position in the Organizational Development department after completing my Masters in Business Administration from the NUST Business School. Every minute of my three months internship was sheer learning with each team member. From something as basic, yet essential, as the advanced use of MS Excel, to quantifying reports for organization wide analysis, to research on the latest practices in Organizational Development; I was given the opportunity to do all of this and more.


I was responsible for maintaining the entire training feedback database for over 40 training programs under which 1000+ employees were trained, I also assisted the team in identifying over 2000 business critical training and development International programs for the senior most tiers of the organization and was actively involved in development of the annual report for yearly review by the President and the Management Committee. Moreover, I was witness to the restructuring of the Human Resource division; the endless moments of chaos, hand-overs and transfers of tasks and responsibilities; the typical “storming-forming-and norming” stages of the change process were happening right in front of my eyes! There were my moments of glory and stress all equally balanced out with plenty of high ‘party’ moments with all team members. With each passing day I became more attached to my work, my team and Mobilink as an organization.


It seemed that the three months went by in the blink of eye! By the end of my internship I felt I had grown immensely as a person and a professional; I had made friends I would cherish for a lifetime, I learnt the fundamentals of HR in practice and saw interesting OD initiatives being executed. It was an experience of a lifetime….although the three golden months of my life were over in a jiffy in March…but as they say good times never was the same for me…based on my performance I was hired as an Associate HR Business Partner for the Commercial Division!


So best of luck to all of you for your internships!




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About Maryam Osman Yusuf

A graduate of the NUST Business School, Maryam has interned at Mobilink during Jan-March this year. Today she is a part of the Mobilink Family as an Associate HR Business Partner- Commercial, looking after all HR related matters for Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, BSD and BAP divisions. Her hobbies include playing the guitar, glass painting, candle making and pottery making. Maryam loves travelling and has a passion for sports cars.

4 Responses to Internship at Mobilink – A true learning experience

  1. avatar Fahad Farooq says:

    Maryam all the hiring for internship begin done on reference bases. How would i and my friend get chance in your organization??

    • avatar Maryam Osman Yusuf says:

      Fahad I did not have a reference at Mobilink. I applied for the internship through my University’s Career Office. I worked hard, proved myself and got a job at Mobilink some time after I had completed my tenure as an intern. We have officially launched our Summer Internship Program 2012, with plenty of opportunities to choose from. Take a look at our Mobilink Careers Page or our Job Portal and apply. Applications close on Friday, 8 June 2012…so hurry!!!!

  2. avatar i wanna be interend in mobilink pakistan says:

    mobilink is my choice every time

  3. avatar tahir says:

    assalam walaikum i want to do internship in mobilink

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