“2 Years – Down the memory lane”

April 27, 2013 , 10:05 a.m. – Number of followers on the Mobilink Careers Facebook Page is 25,996.
MC turned two!
Mobilink Careers was launched with the intention to bridge the gap between students’ perception and corporate realities, to help prepare them better for the corporate world and to cater to budding professionals. Two eventful years later, Mobilink Careers has become the quintessential platform to address all your career needs.
Nurturing careers, sharing guidance and extending academic support is the philosophy behind this venture. Becoming a part of the Mobilink Careers family, on the other hand, is a gateway to your insights into how corporate system operates. Driving force behind Mobilink Careers is the informal and interactive manner in which it operates. Questions are answered, concerns addressed, fears mollified – all in one go.
From tips on resume writing & handling interviews, to suggestions on how to balance the personal and professional aspect of your life, Mobilink Careers keeps on exploring new and innovative ways to facilitate its members.
This journey of 02 years involves continuous improvement through the feedback, support and at times positive criticism of its valued members. With this success we will be launching our new application ‘ Student Project Facilitation’ . This application will help students to get quick support for their projects from professionals through a proper channel.
Mobilink Careers will continue to help you achieve your professional aspirations regardless of where you are or what you do.
Join Mobilink Careers and let us together rejoice 02 years of successful journey.
We look forward to your continuous feedback and support!!!!

Celebrating 2 years of reshaping careers!

April, 27, 2013 11:05 a.m. – Number of followers on the Mobilink Careers Facebook Page is 26,081. Members keep on joining:)

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About Mobilink Careers

Mobilink Careers is a community where we work together to reshape lives. We aim to make a positive impact by providing a place for you to interact and discuss endless career possibilities. Together, we look to progress towards a brighter future!

4 Responses to “2 Years – Down the memory lane”

  1. avatar Sufreena Abdul Rahim Vohra says:

    Mobilink is the best… Also want to become a mobilinker…. please show me the way how to apply?

  2. avatar Ahmed Waqar says:

    Congratulations! Feels great to be part of the Mobilink Careers family!

  3. avatar salika says:

    mobilink careers u r doing great job n em very much excited for this student project facilitation …this is really a great job u engaged so highly educated people over here n it seems that it would not easy task for u …

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