An internship is an important experience that complements the learning of any student in the field they are interested in. There are some concrete reasons that exist which make it highly essential for a student to have an internship experience.


  1. According to many reputable agencies, nearly 50% of employers like to see internships on a student’s resume.

  2. Internships serve as screening devices for certain employers. Many companies prefer to hire employees from their own internship programs.

  3. An internship gives a student an opportunity to “test-out” a job or a field before taking a permanent position.

  4. Some students like to take a flavor of the practical workings of their field of interest while they study them. Internships serve this purpose specifically and fill the void of practical knowledge that exist in most students.

  5. The experience of obtaining the internship itself may be part of the value of the experience.  The student learns to write a cover letter and resume, complete an application and interview for the position.

  6. Internships look good on resumes – and employers are increasingly expecting to see an internship on a candidate’s resume.

  7. A major plus of engaging in internships is the fact that interns can make important contacts and have an opportunity to do some networking which will benefit them when they begin looking for a permanent job.

  8. Employers like to hire candidates who have completed internships because it may increase job retention.  They know that interns have experienced the profession and the work world and “know what they are getting into.”

  9. Candidates who complete internships may receive higher salaries when they are hired as compared to those who have not completed any internships.

  10. Simply put, an internship may lead directly to a job offer. Many internships are fun – and great self-confidence builders too.

However, it is important for candidates to understand that completing an internship does not necessarily convert to a job offer. There are no guarantees. However, candidates who complete internship experiences, or multiple internship experiences, may have an advantage when the time does come for the job search.


Employers understand the advantage of internships very well, and the experience and confidence the individual gains is vital. Hence, an internship is a great experience to have in your background.

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