In today’s progressively competitive marketplace, employer branding has become very popular among HR professionals as it offers the right possibility for them to think strategically on promoting the organization as an effective employer.


Over 59% of employers say that employer branding represents one of the key components of the organization’s overall HR strategy.


Recently the growth in globalization and technology advancements have started to gain more interest in possibility of using all sorts of platforms to establish its employer brand.


The fast growing worldwide dependency on internet and technology has made the use of social media platforms as one of the most effective ways to build an organizations employer branding channel. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are poised to grow even further. However there still exists a large pool of respondents that can be capitalized on as an employer brand on social media. Social media’s effective use has a long way to go. It surely can turn into the right way forward to become a successful employer brand with extensive reach without spending too much.


Talking about the future of employer branding, the biggest changes to come forth in future years appear to be a great focus on long-term strategy planning to strengthen the employer brand. The objectives that an organization sets for its employer branding could be:


  1. To obtain secured long-term recruitment needs
  2. Improved retention
  3. To differentiate themselves from competitors
  4. Expand to a global level
  5. To build and maintain a reputation as a top employer among current employees
  6. To keep improvising on employer branding goal strategies following the global trends to stay ahead of competition
  7. Keeping a measure of the internal and external brand employment indicators that are:- Average Retention Rate
    - New Hire Quality
    - Employee Engagement Level
    - Brand Perceptions

It is likely that most of the organizations will intend to merge their employer and consumer brands to become more tightly connected with their consumers and audience. In the coming future if the focus is inclined towards building as an employer brand, staying connected with the consumer brand that is offered will surely strengthen an organizations position, reputation and recall-ability in today’s competitive market.

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