Through the process of Employer Branding, employers target certain markets from which they wish to hire employees in the future. They market their offerings to potential employees who they feel would work and adjust well in their work environment and culture. Through this process, talent for the companies is acquired in a proper manner. Therefore, the stronger the employer brand of a company the greater the prospects of it being chosen as a work option by employees in the future.


In order to execute employer branding, certain strategies need to be formulated. These strategies should take into account the following points:


Defining and Understanding Target Groups: Firms must define their respective target groups and decide whether they wish to attract new talent or expand and evolve the existing talent. Once they have defined this, they should focus on factors which will gain their attraction and allure them further towards the organization.
It is essential to keep into account the internal and external employer brand strategy as it gives direction to the organization.


Internal Employer Brand Strategy:

(i)  Employee engagement

(ii)  Values

(iii)  Employee Life-cycle

(iv)  Rewards and Recognition

(v)  Corporate Brand


External Employer Brand Strategy

(i)  Career Website

(ii)  Social Media

(iii)  Sponsorships, conferences and events

(iv)  Employer Ranking Sites

(v)  Employer Brand Videos


Formulate an Annual Plan: Organizations should develop a plan which includes activities for employer branding. Also, the schedule of how and when the activities will be carried out must also be included.


Devise Communication Ideas: Organizations must also formulate means of communication with their target markets which would gain their attention and give them an edge over their competitors in the market.


Execution: Conclusively, the plan must be executed in the right manner and eventually reach the organization’s goals of employer branding.


Employer branding establishes a strong process to acquire the best talent. The basic principles of management are catered to when the trust and satisfaction of the employee is gained. Many working environments globally today focus on investing in their employees as it will allow their organizations to be more profitable. This also generates value and a reputation for the organization itself and its working culture.

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