Social Media: Things to Avoid!


In progressive companies, digital and social media tools are emerging as key strengths for talent acquisition. Increasing number of organizations are using social media to find, source, attract and connect with candidates from around the globe. With this practice of utilizing social media for recruitment, organizations now are moving towards conducting social media background checks of professionals before hiring. That is why it is more important for you to maintain a balanced online identity in terms of personal and professional attributes to help employers gauge your personality-job fit and evaluate you for the job. Your digital image is a combination of all the social media platforms that you use, namely, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Potential employers evaluate what image you exude on these social media platforms for more informed hiring decisions.


It is important that you are smart about demonstrating the ‘right’ online image. Here are the top 5 things to avoid when using social media:


Professional setbacks:

If you have some dis-satisfaction about your current job, you should not be sharing them on social media. Rather than putting out the negativity for the social networks to see, discuss these issues with your friends and family in private, mostly where it could benefit. Sharing them on social media could lead to potential personal negativity issues in the future for you as a professional.


Indecent Language:

For some reason in case indecent language is being used constantly on a profile or posts, chances are that that person would automatically be perceived not to be a positive contributor in real life as well. You will come off as having a negative personality and employers would not deem you suitable for their organization.


Negative Content:

Organizations need someone who is more keen towards positivity and proves to be a positive contributor towards the society. If you are constantly promoting content or contributing to issues in a negative manner , you will be observed as someone who will not be great contributor towards a positive culture. Try to stay positive and promote content that is useful to the society.


Put yourself in an employer’s position and evaluate your online identity in line with the things to avoid enlisted above. This would help you create an ideal image of yourself that would appeal to potential employers and land you the job of your dreams!


How do you use social media effectively? Share with us!

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