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During the month of February and March, Mobilink Careers took a look at the topic of Stay Updated, Stay Ahead. The discussions emphasized the importance of staying updated within your industry, which is a crucial aspect when it comes to success and career advancement.


The first blog post, Four Reasons that keep you in your Comfort Zone highlights why a comfort zone holds back most professionals from success and how the fear of failure, risks and rejection hinders professional growth.


The second blog is Work Smarter, which is an infographic that showcases different facts about productivity and efficiency at work. It also describes how to begin working smarter, which pitfalls to avoid and how eternal learning eventually leads to success.


Most Common Interview Questions Decoded stressed on the importance of having good interview answers prepared and identified what the most common interview questions are, what they mean and how to respond to them. On Facebook, we shared a collection of interview questions and what they really mean.


The fourth blog 5 Habits to Help you Get Ahead identifies the habits that most successful people have which lead them to success. If professionals want to make themselves indispensible and to thrive in their industry, they should work on adopting these basic habits.


We hope that the discussions and blogs on Stay Updated, Stay Ahead have contributed positively towards your work life and inspired you to stay updated in order to get closer to success. Our focus in April 2015 will be on Reviving Professionalism at Work. Join our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn discussions to participate. Your participation, comments and feedback is always appreciated.


Thank you for being a part of this family!


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