The traditional relationship between employers and employees used to be easy to define. Employers had maximum control over their employees’ careers in terms of everything such as advancement, perks, benefits and work hour scheduling. However, in the past 15 years the old school paradigm has shifted as employees, affected by global economic and social factors, have gained more power in the workplace. Let’s find out who has more influence on whether workers wish to stay or leave a company; employer or employee?




 Employers have a clear realization of their responsibility to offer the work/life balance programs to its employees as it is essential and a great way to recruit and retain potential talent. Ultimately, as a result employers that offer these perks will be the most attractive to workers.




Employers notice that in today’s highly connected world, employees want to engage with others during and after work day, being it in person or virtually, therefore they are trusting their employees to do so.




Workers have taken over their careers’ driving seat to grow and advance their own time, irrespective of it being with their employer or not. Employers should understand their workers need to advance their careers and ensure that their offers are attractive enough to hold employees together.




As a matter of fact most employees and employers agree that up to 30% of the workforce will search for a new job within an average time span of 12 months, these groups differ on what they consider to be the ultimate retention drivers. However, to obtain an engaged and satisfied workforce, employer should keep a check on the needs and demands of its workforce, once these needs are met there is a high probability that the employer and employee relation gets stronger resulting in collaborative success.

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