CV Checklist

Have an important job interview? How about a dream internship you applied for?

Now that it’s almost summer, time to review your CVs and make sure they are in order! Take a look at some dos and don’ts for your CV


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90 Responses to CV Checklist

  1. avatar muhammad imran says:

    want to do in mobilink as CSR

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Imran, please upload your CV on our jobs portal indicating your area of interest. We will get back to you if your skill set matches your criteria..All the best for your job hunt!

    • avatar Wasim Iqbal says:

      Kindly give me job in call center. I have worked in Zarco Exchange as a Clinknsent agent used to send money from USA to
      Pakistan. A Call center representative in Telenor .
      Currently working in Mobilink Telecom as a Call Center Executive.


      • avatar Hamza says:

        Wasim, thank you for sharing your qualifications with us. Please upload your CV on our jobs portal, so we can access it when we announce and shortlist for a vacancy. But please keep in mind that we have a large volume of CVs for these positions, which means that it may take a while for us to respond to the candidates.

        All the best!

  2. Hello , i have just completed my B.E in (Telecommunication) from Mehran UET , i searched alot for a job in Telecom sector but no one ready to hire fresh professional in the market ,after that i decided to get job first then on job i will search job related to my qualification , now i am in Clariant Pakistan Ltd (Karachi) as a Trainee in IT department , still i am searching job in Telecom sector but still i am recieving same response which i recieved from last several month ,just tell me how can i get job related to my Qualification

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Hussain, We appreciate you reaching out to us on Mobilink Careers! First off, o search for a job according to your qualification, you need to keep looking. Join all the job search sites and subscribe to their jobs. Telcos have their own job portals; but keep your information up-to date; just uploading it once does not suffice.

      Unfortunately in this economy, many people have to work in jobs which are not from their area of specialization. But you should definitely keep on looking for a job that does! It may take time, but don’t give up home.

  3. avatar hassan haque says:

    salam hamza do mobilink have any vacant position??

    if yes then please reply or email me on

    waiting for your reply

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Hassan, you can upload your CV on our jobs portal indicating your interest, and we will get in touch if they match our requirements. Good luck with your job hunt!

  4. avatar Haroon says:

    Dear Hamza,

    I have recently done my MBA from a reputable institute of Paksitan and now looking for a job in Mobilink GSM. I have submitted my CV on your portal as well but need more from your side if you can help me regarding this,or send me your e-mail at your own convenience

    You can contact on my e-mail

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Haroon, sometimes it takes a long time for us to sort through the CV’s submitted, as we receive a very large amount every month. But be patient, and keep your CV updated on our portal. This way, if we shortlist you for the relevant position, we know you have the required qualifications/experience

      All the best for your future endeavors!

  5. want to do in mobilink as CSR

    • avatar jawad says:

      Nouman, Kindly upload your CV on our jobs portal to be considered. If your specifications match our requirements, we will definitely be calling you! Best of luck!

  6. avatar Jazib Naveed says:

    I need to apply for internship.

  7. avatar Bilal Ahmad says:

    Dear Mr. Hamza
    I am fresh graduate of BS(Electronics engineering) .Recently working in siemens as internee for last 3 months. When does mobilink offer internships – any dates. And secondly are there careers for candidates having “power ” background in telecom companies.

    Bilal Ahmad

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Bilal, thank you for your interest in our organization. We did have a couple of power engineer positions open a while back, but unfortunately they were for senior level employees. What specific areas are you looking in to aside from this field?

      As for the internship program is concerned. It’s still its conceptualization phase. We do have interns assisting us but they are hired as an when there is a vacancy. You may upload your cv on the portal, and make sure you specify your areas of interest. As and when an internship vacancy opens up, you will be notified if shortlisted by the line manager.

      Keep yourself posted with tips and feedback about resume writing and career planning on our page and feel free to add your input.

  8. avatar Hamza says:

    Fahad, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? You education, qualifications, etc?

  9. avatar Muhammad Hassan says:

    Dear Sir, I have done jobs local and also in foreign call centers. I have qualification of Bachelor. So i think that i am applicable for csr job. Therefore i want to do a job in mobilink call center.

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Muhammad, thank you for your interest in working for Mobilink! You qualifications are certainly very relevant! Why don’t you upload your Cv on ur jobs portal? that way, we can access it while looking for suitable candidates!

  10. avatar Bilal Ahmad says:

    Thank you Mr. Hamza.

    Could you please give direct link to your portal . i couldnt found.

    i have a suggestion , your company’s website confuses new visitors. It should be user friendly .

  11. avatar Arslan Janjua says:

    Dear Hamza,

    First of all i would like to appreciate this effort as it gives us a platform to interact with u on run time … Thank you for the great work !!

    Brother i am a Procurement Executive in a leading oil refinery, and i am working with the company for almost 5 years… i have been applying in mobilink as its always have been a dream place to work at, i have tried to improve my CV with the passage of time as i learn… my point is; i have not even Once got a call for interview even when the jobs i applied for matched 101% with my skills , education and area of expertise… and that made me disappointed real bad… now that i have got a chance to directly talk to u its my chance to ask u what should i do or improve that i get atleast hear from you !!!

    Hope to have a healthy response from your side.

    Arslan Janjua

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Arsalan, we receive a very large volume of applicants for the positions that we advertise, and even impromptou CVs. To sort through all of this and thens shortlist them, sometimes takes longer than usual. Imagine having to sort through thousands of CV’s ever week! So please be patient, if you get shortlisted, we will definitely call you up! In the meanwhile, you can keep your information updated on our jobs portal and keep applying for relevant positions!

  12. avatar fasiha says:

    how to apply for internship?

  13. avatar Rehmat shah says:

    Hi A.O.A,
    i am student of BBA Hons (7th semester) from Preston university Kohat, i need 2 month of internship in ur organization, tell me the procedure how can i apply for it…

  14. avatar Arslan Janjua says:

    With all due respect may i ask , what in my yesterday’s post was wrong t hat it did not meet ur moderation criteria !

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Arsalan, we apologize for the delay. There was nothing wrong with your comments and there was just a delay in moderation as we handle a large number of responses daily. Keep writing to us and we will do our best to answer your queries!

  15. avatar Hassan says:

    what is the criteria for the selection of candidate for internship .And when does intership program start. please tell the month and date ?

    • avatar jawad says:

      Hassan, an intern is usually an undergraduate student. Currently our internship program is under review, which is why we can’t provide you an exact time period for it. However, you cans till upload your CV on our jobs portal and we will contact you if you get shortlisted. Good luck!

  16. avatar M.Haseeb says:

    is there any positon for internship for dis summer???

    • avatar jawad says:

      Haseeb, currently our internship program is under review, which is why we can’t provide you an exact time period for it. However, you cans till upload your CV on our jobs portal and we will contact you if you get shortlisted. Good luck!

  17. avatar jawad says:

    Nadia, please upload your CV on our jobs portal. You credentials look good, and hopefully you can find an opportunity at mobilink! Make sure you keep following the vacancies posted on our jobs tab at

  18. avatar Fayzan.A.Khan says:

    Dear Hamza,
    I’m glad to see a career portal at this website, keen intrested to be a part of mobilink-Family in any suitable position.

    Worked in Operation’s and Currently working as a front Desk officer,
    Sales/Marketing and Customer Service in an Multi-National company.

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Fayzan, thank you for the appreciation! These portals are only possible because of our members participation! Have you upload your detailed CV on Mobilink’s online Job portal?

  19. avatar Arslan Janjua says:

    dissapointed that u only chose those comments that are of your choice … :) and not those who include real questions…

    neways best of luck sirs ..

    Take carez

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Arsalan, as I replied before, we have nothing against your comments. It was just a delay in moderation. We apologize for the inconvenience!

      • avatar Arslan Janjua says:

        sorry my bad… as i told earlier i was little disappointed and then no reply made me more like it … neways thanks for ur response.

  20. avatar Hamza says:

    Nadia, I would recommend you to upload your CV on our jobs portal. But before doing that, you should try and pinpoint one area of interest. that way, the employer gets a better impression instead of a CV listing multiple areas of interest. Good luck! :)

  21. avatar Muhammad Alamzeb Khan says:

    I am a Telecommunication engineering student of Fast University ,I’ve completed 6 semester’s and i would like to have some info regarding internship @ Mobilink .
    Thanks !!!

  22. avatar Syed Qaiser Naveed says:

    Assalam u Allikum

    Dear sir im I.T Profishnal

    Please i need job.


    Syed Qaiser Naveed

  23. avatar Afifa T ariq says:

    hey ,
    im searching the career point to click..!! but cant get the correct point …im mba student and need a job …for support the financial side soo hope to get the positive approach from ur side …!! will wait for that

  24. avatar FAYAZ says:

    i wante and job i am bechelor clear contact no +923337575181

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Fayaz, kindly see our latest job vacancies. Upload your CV on our jobs portal, and we will contact you if it’s shortlisted!

  25. avatar Hamza says:

    Uzair, have you uploaded your CV on our jobs portal yet? Access our jobs tab on

  26. avatar shumayel says:

    well, it depends on what kinda CV you want. there are chronological cv’s and then there are academic cv’s and then there are also skill-based cv’s. basically the kind of cv you want will depend on the job market/place you are targeting, for example, in the US, the cv style and preferences are different to what employers in sweden might want. US market prefer cv’s that are detailed whereas in sweden anything exceeding one page goes directly to the bin. what i do know is your CV must be polite and tidy. the best fonts to use on CV’s are the ones that are found everywhere and give a clean look such as arial or century gothic. if a pdf format is accepted, never send a word cv, pdf is more professional. in pakistan, detailed cv’s are more preferred but make sure that page 2+ are only taken by experience details. however, the most important thing is your cover letter. you need to literally TALK to the employer your heart out in your cover letter. do not use fancy language. when you writer a cover letter, you should write in a flow – the same way you would introduce yourself on a phone by speaking. the point is your message is clear and tells about you not the copy paste gibberish.

  27. avatar Haider says:

    Is there any internship program for A-Level students?

  28. avatar M Adnan says:

    my qualification is B.A please tell me how can i join call center.

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Adnan, please upload your CV on our jobs portal. If a relevant opportunity opens up, you may be contacted. Good luck!

  29. avatar Umber says:

    I want to do summer internship in Mobilink from 9th July. as I have final exams till 8 July,2011. Though I am late to apply,kindly grant my request.

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Umber, please upload your CV on our jobs portal. In case any opportunity arises that matches your CV, we will contact you

  30. avatar Kanza Suhail says:

    I am seeking to apply for an internship in the finance department of your company. Im not sure as to how i am supposed to go about it. Do i upload my cv on the job portal or is there some other way that filters applicants seeking interhsips from those seeking jobs?

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Kanza, to seek an internship, upload your CV on our jobs portal. In case any opportunity arises that matches your CV, we contact the relevant candidate. All the best!

  31. avatar Nosheen Shahid says:

    I am looking for an internship opportunity this summer. I do not have enough experience but i want to enhance my skills by working for this company. I am a bachelors student at LUMS and have some experience at marketing. I am eagerly looking forward to doing internship at some company like mobilink. Please help me do get it.

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Nosheen, please upload your CV on our jobs portal. In case any opportunity arises that matches your CV, we will contact you

  32. avatar Khuram Shehzad says:

    I am student of M.Sc(Electronics) in 3rd semester from Sarhad University Peshwar
    Kindly give me job for field work

    Khuram Shehzad
    phone # 0995620103

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Khurram, please upload your CV on our jobs portal. In case any opportunity arises that matches your CV, we will contact you. Best of luck with your job search!

  33. avatar Hamza says:

    Haseeb, please upload your CV on our jobs portal. In case any opportunity arises that matches your CV, we will contact you

  34. avatar liaqat says:

    Are there any internships positions available for IT professionals? O.o

  35. avatar Fahed Akhter says:

    Dear Hamza,

    I am working in a well reputed textile company as a Software Engineer. This is my first practical job and now I have more than six years of experience. Before this i have worked in an educational institute as a senior faculty member. Since last six year I have not given any interview because i learn a lot in these six years.

    I want to know your opinion that in information technology field is it better to stay so long in an organization, because sometimes this will create negative impression in front of interviewed person.

    Kindly share your thought.


    • avatar Hamza says:

      Dear Fahed,

      Such a situation is actually very relative; you have stated that you learnt a lot in these six years, so it was a personal choice to stay in the field. The interviewer may question you about this, but it also shows loyalty and dedication to your profession, and is more likely to be taken positively.

  36. avatar Sehar says:


    i am a fresh business graduate .kindly tell me how can i apply for internship at mobilink

  37. avatar Hamza says:

    Awais, you can visit our Jobs Portal at and check the latest Job openings.

  38. avatar Salman Muhammad Rafiq says:

    I am a student of professional qualification and am doing CIMA(UK) now i want to start my professional experience and i’ll be glad to be a part of mobilink family.But my questions is do mobilink start management trainee program and if Yes then is their any opportunity for students like me ? My area of interest is Finance.
    Would be thankful for your appreciation…..

    • avatar Hamza says:

      Salman, you can keep an eye on all our recent job openings. You can apply for the position relevant to your domain by visiting our jobs portal at Facebook.

  39. avatar Hamza says:

    Thank you Brandie for taking the time out and appreciation.

  40. avatar Hamza says:

    Thank you for the appreciation.

  41. avatar Hamza says:

    Thank you for the appreciation!

  42. avatar Hamza says:

    Thank you for liking.

  43. avatar Hamza says:

    Thank you.

  44. avatar zia ur rehman says:

    Assalamo alaikum to all, i have completed my M.Sc in Electronics from Peshawar university and now i am searching a job related to my intensive interest of researcher and developer of electronic circuits. but currently i am seeking a job related to any mobile network. please help me in my this task.

  45. avatar Yumna Fatima says:

    Aoa,I am fresh graduate and i want to send you my c.v how can i send you .Please tell me the email address.

  46. avatar Hamza says:

    Kindly drop your CV at our jobs tab on Facevook. Join us on Mobilink Careers

  47. avatar imranstar says:

    Hi Sir I am having a great interest in providing customer services and public dealing effectively. I love to solve the problems of others and make a good will of my organization. I am having very good experience of CS in Nadra, Private Call Centers, Qubee and more… I am doing masters from sargodha university and punjab university. Kindly give me a rapid chance to work in your great Customer Service Center. I am ready for a call of an interview anytime. on phone or face to face.

    Thanks Please I am the most eligible and deserving person for such job.

    imran durrani

  48. avatar Hamza says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Imran. Keep visiting back!

  49. avatar Talha Khalid says:

    Dear Hamza,
    I am interested for Mobilink Call Center Job. I upload my C.V in you Job portal. Please Check and reply me ASAP.


  50. avatar Hamza Amjad says:

    Tahir, please upload your CV on our jobs portal at Good luck!

  51. avatar Muhammad says:

    Thts good! But most important stuff is mising in this CV checklist which Techincal and Leadership skills section. Make sure as new graduate CV is not more than one page.

  52. avatar Kamran says:

    Dear Hamza,

    I have recently done my MBA in finance from HEC recognized university and now looking for a job in Mobilink GSM. I interested in finance/opration service.I have submitted my CV on your portal as well but need more from your side if you can help me regarding this,or send me your e-mail at your own convenience

    You can contact on my e-mail

  53. avatar Danish Nazir says:

    Dear HR, I am ACCA and I am interested in your Intership program. Kindly let me know how can I apply?

  54. avatar Miss Aslam says:

    I am apply for internship in Mobilink. The portal keep asking me enter your CNIC number but there is no field in form for entering CNIC number. My CNIC number is there in my account information. Please help me.

  55. avatar Muhammad Ali Jamshed says:

    I had applied for a post at Mobilink in December 2014 through After few days when i checked the status of my application it is showing shortlisted. I want to known that will mobilink going to call me for interview and when?

    Muhammad Ali Jamshed

  56. Dear Hamza,

    I have done my Graduation from University Of Karachi and I have worked in Bank Alfalah as DMS officer for one and half year from 2013 to 2014 and worked as Administrative Assistant in Aga Khan University for one year from January 2011 to December 2011. Now I am looking for a job and want to work in Mobilink in department regarding my Education and experience need your guidance.

    Ameer Ali Isani

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