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New Year’s Resolutions!

It is time to progress into the new year with new aspirations and resolutions! We, as professionals, have career related resolutions for the upcoming year, ranging from ideas of landing a new job, getting a promotion or healthy pay raises etc. …


Put your goals in writing!

  Despite the importance of written goals, mostly people avoid the effort to write their goals down. While they might view writing goals down as unnecessary; professionals and research suggest that putting goals in writing is critical to success. Let’s …


SMART Goals for Smart People

  One sure way of setting yourself up for success, is to plan it as much as practically possible. By being smart when it comes to plan your short term and long term goals, you not only achieve them, but …


The Importance of Setting Goals – Infographic

Share with us why you think goal setting is important.



Warm greetings to all our readers!   During the month of October and November, Mobilink Careers took a look at the topic of “Managing Time, Increasing Productivity”. The discussions highlighted the importance of time management and how it boosts productivity …


Are you a Productivity Champ?

As the modern day work place becomes more and more dynamic, we see a lot of distractions around us that affect our productivity in general. Professionals in today’s world develop a ‘start and stop work’ habit due to continuous distractions …

Deadline Extensions – Use them wisely!

The dynamic corporate environment is a race where each professional is working with an objective of meeting deadlines for departmental or individual deliverables. In this race of meeting deadlines, many professionals end up going for extensions on projects and deliverables. Even …


‘Things to Avoid’ List for Professionals

In the corporate world, the most commonly used organizing tool is a ‘to-do’ list. The significance of a to-do list is apparent to all professionals however, many people don’t understand the importance of a list of things one should avoid …