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Go Clean, Go Green!

Implementing green life at work doesn’t necessarily mean spending big bucks and changing the overall organizational strategy. In fact, using practical green office ideas can actually be cost-effective. Save your money and the environment, simultaneously, by following these eco-friendly tips …

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How to Improve Employee Recognition

In today’s world, employee satisfaction leads to overall business success! To achieve this, we witness enhanced business focus on catering to what Abraham Maslow defines as ‘esteem needs’ i.e. the need for appreciation of employees. Recognizing, praising and rewarding hard …

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Infographic – Employee Recognition

Showing appreciation for an employee’s valuable contributions is a great way to boost morale. Employee recognition is a return on an employee’s effort, dedication at work and results which is governed by mutual respect.

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One-On-One with HR: Employee Motivation

Mobilink Careers talks to Muhammad Talha from Human Resources to see what he has to say about Employee Motivation.   What do you think is the most effective strategy to motivate employees? The most effective strategy is to provide employees …


Employee Motivation – Is it Really That Hard?

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Five Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Employee motivation is the key element that drives a high performance culture in any organization. Keeping the motivation high is essential as it raises employee productivity and leads to organizational success. Thus, organizations today need to pay specific attention towards …

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All over the world, organizations are embracing digitalization to keep up with the demands of the digital era. In recent research (European Magazine) it has been projected that by the next decade, one in three workers will be working online, …

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The Rules of Employee Engagement

Organizations nowadays are focusing on the vitality of employee engagement and how it helps in keeping the employee turnover low and employee satisfaction high.   Here are some simple rules of employee engagement:        Keep your sight set on these …