Empowering Women at the Workplace

With the ever increasing need for diversity in the workplace, empowering women to become an equal part of the workforce is the greatest challenge that most economies are facing. This can only be achieved through improvements in the quality of …



Generational diversity can have a massive impact on the functioning and direction of an organization’s mission and vision. There are four generations that may exist in an organization at any time. Firstly there are the traditionalists who were born between …

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Infographic – Get Organized, Get Productive

Getting organized in life helps you get in the right mindset and leads to being more productive at work. Having an optimal workspace greatly affects your productivity. Similarly, having a clutter-free and organized mind directs you towards the success pathway. …

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Top 10 New Year Resolutions

Happy 2016! As we enter the New Year in high spirits, most of us vow to do a host of things to improve ourselves. Studies show that while only 45% of people set New Year Resolutions, only 8% manage to …

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Go Clean, Go Green!

Implementing green life at work doesn’t necessarily mean spending big bucks and changing the overall organizational strategy. In fact, using practical green office ideas can actually be cost-effective. Save your money and the environment, simultaneously, by following these eco-friendly tips …

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How to Improve Employee Recognition

In today’s world, employee satisfaction leads to overall business success! To achieve this, we witness enhanced business focus on catering to what Abraham Maslow defines as ‘esteem needs’ i.e. the need for appreciation of employees. Recognizing, praising and rewarding hard …

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Infographic – Employee Recognition

Showing appreciation for an employee’s valuable contributions is a great way to boost morale. Employee recognition is a return on an employee’s effort, dedication at work and results which is governed by mutual respect.

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One-On-One with HR: Employee Motivation

Mobilink Careers talks to Muhammad Talha from Human Resources to see what he has to say about Employee Motivation.   What do you think is the most effective strategy to motivate employees? The most effective strategy is to provide employees …